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We specialize in building brands around company philosophies, and brand identities around target consumer demographics.


In the era of the 2.0, your brand is your recognizability- a familiarity that is built on your online presence, from your website to product reviews by third parties to your "brand personality"on social media.

A razor-sharp combination of strategy, creativity and technology, we take branding seriously at Anabytes. And so should you.From handling social media to product placement in trade publications, we understand and speak the language of the 21st century consumer- helping you drive customers and traffic to your brand.


We specialize in building brands around company philosophies, and brand identities around target consumer demographics. By creating trademark properties attuned to their consumer base, we help brands to interact with and understand their customers better, and to remain fresh in "public memory".

Based on a research-oriented approach to brand building, we pride ourselves on our ability to find and hit the right note with any target market, increase brand loyalty and retention, and create genuine interest in your brand across the board.


As devoted brand-boosters, we specialize in building and maintaining game-changing online identities for companies from a variety of industries. From strategy to execution, we provide comprehensive digital branding services to our clients, quickly gaining us a reputation as the last word in online brand promotion.



Your brand is ultimately the public’s perception of you- what customers think about you- and the benefits of this being positive and easy to identity are obvious. Online branding, our specialty, gives consumers an effort-free portal to “try out” your brand in quick time; in other words, a Facebook post, an article on your blog or your response to a customer query on Twitter may all alter or form the public’s opinion about your brand. This is why branding is so important, and why it should be synchronized to the minutest detail with your overall strategy.

Your branding will tell a consumer if your product is aspirational or a necessity or neither or both. It will help consumers decide if they want to be associated with your brand, and convert regular patrons to real life brand ambassadors. In order to align your branding strategy with your organizational objectives, we devise future-looking strategies, execute various branding exercises, and regularly analyze performance through research and surveying. From your brand name to corporate videos, we spread your brand’s message in a stylized, visual language that speaks directly to your customers.

Social Media Optimization

Social media is fast replacing websites as the go-to portal for brands wishing to showcase their products online and interact with their customers. This has changed the very nature of branding from a monologue to a dialogue; this makes it vital that you not only understand but also speak your customers’ language. At Anabytes, we go beyond buzzwords and keywords to analytical, intelligent Social Media Optimization. This means we not only generate top quality content to pique consumers’ interests, but we also take special care to use only the social media platforms most likely to drive traffic to, and increase the stickiness of, your website. Naturally, the social media platform most suitable for you depends on the industry you are in, and your target audience.

Social media is both a potent online marketing tool for your products, and a great avenue for maintaining optimal customer relationships. At its most effective, a brand’s social media presence should enhance its standing and not merely add to it, providing significant ROI and turning loyal customers into your brand ambassadors.


Web Design

Your website is today your calling card- the face of your company- and not just an informational tool. It tells prospective and returning customers the story of your brand, and sets expectations. At Anabytes, we place emphasis on “custom design”- we don’t use prepared templates, and create instead unique, tailor-made websites that reflect your brand and individuality- and on delivering work on schedule and within your budget.

Right from your logo to the font used on your website, we design properties for your brand that act as visual interpretations of your brand message; in other words, we set a stage for you to communicate at a moment’s notice with an audience that already knows not just your name, but also your philosophy. It’s the difference between convincing a complete stranger to invest in you and a fence-sitter who already feels a sense of familiarity with your values.

Web Development

With our suite of web development services, the whole digital spectrum becomes your platform for communicating with consumers- from engaging, interactive web apps to high end web sites. Depending on your business and the level of engagement you desire with your audience, we offer a comprehensive suite of web development services tailor-made to interact with, learn from, and better serve the modern consumer.

Our expertise in Custom Web Design Services, E-Commerce Web Development, Website Maintenance and Reengineering, XHTML / CSS Conversion, Domain and Web Hosting Services makes us the ideal technological partner for companies looking to take their branding strategies to the next level. Add to this our strategy planners who understand technology and business needs equally, and a creative team adept at matching usability with flair and passion, and you are guaranteed a winning combination.


Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to establishing your brand identity online, building a great website or setting up your Facebook page is only the tip of the iceberg. Just as it is important to regularly create great content to maintain and grow your social media following, it is imperative that search engines drive your target audience to your website and online portals. The trick here is not an overnight increase in traffic to your website or other online platforms, but a meaningful, advanced methodology that ensures higher rankings, increased traffic and activity, and greater sales in the long run.

Best incorporated in your online strategy right at the content creation stage, our SEO experts build fully optimized websites with quality link-building strategies that elevate a website’s credibility and eventually, the desired ranking. Through continuous research, planning, strategizing and implementation of up-to-date and high quality search engine optimization techniques, we ensure that your brand always comes out on top.


We specialize in building brands around company philosophies, and brand identities around target consumer demographics.


Deena Venugopal

Co-founder / Account Planning

A stickler for efficiency, Deena makes sure things happen when they should happen and according to plan. When she's not planning for the very distant future, she reads novels by the dozen and writes about all things entrepreneurial on her blog.


Githin Wilson

Co-founder / Business Development

A natural born entrepreneur, Githin translates our client's needs and goals into language that the creative team can understand and vice versa. When he's not playing devil's advocate, he's off exploring unheard-of lands on his RD 350.


Tharun James Jimani

Creative Director

A published novelist and social media enthusiast, Tharun gives strategic and creative direction to our campaigns. When he's not running brainstorming sessions for the next big idea, he works on his pop culture blog and speaks at new media events.


Krishna Raj S


Being the COO, Krishnaraj focuses on overall organizational strategy, planning and operations. He has the oversight of the company's alliances and corporate communications. When he's not running brainstorming sessions for the next big idea, he spends his time travelling wildly.


Paul Mathew

Business Development Manager

A man who dons many hats, Paul is a trained Physicist who has worked as a web designer in India, as a photographer in the Middle East, and is currently our Business Development Head of our UK operations. When he's not off globe-trotting and networking with clients, he spends his time toying with the latest Apple gadgets.


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